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Charlie Peters: How He fought against the Greatest Muay Thai Fighter.

Posted on February 03 2017

Charlie Peters: How He fought against the Greatest Muay Thai Fighter. - Fightlab

How did you get into Thai Boxing?

When I was around 17. I had just started a full-time job so I had to stop playing rugby, which I loved. Even though working stopped me from playing, it fitted in perfectly with the Thai Boxing classes so I went once and didn’t stop after that. I got the bug.

What is your favourite move/combo to use in a fight? 

In a fight… not too sure. Maybe my justify kick or justify hook? On pads I enjoy a 1,2, hook, hook body right elbow. Flows well and looks good.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t always have one of these. My dad is the top one though. He’s 52 years young and competes in iron man competitions, as well as working a full time job in the capital and still managing to train twice a day!

Saenchai VS Peters

What was your game plan against Saenchai?

My game plan was: Forward. No respect. Punch, kick and throw everything else at him.

Mentally how do you prepare to fight against the world’s best pound-for-pound Thai boxer?

Mentality is a massive thing in any fight, but this one in particular was very different. 

I had to just feel more confident in myself and take what I’ve learnt over all my other fights and know i have what it takes to make it happen and that he is ONLY human and bleeds like we all do.

What holes (if any) did you see in Saenchai’s game?

Haha. That’s a good question. I didn't study him at all. I don’t need to as such. Saenchai is a man who is so natural at the game. It was difficult to find any. But there’s things I noticed before which hopefully I remember in the fight and I can make work in the future.

What’s next for you as a fighter?

After this, I’m defending my Muay Thai Grand Prix world title belt in Estonia against another Thai opponent. Then I have a few fights I want to happen. Especially fighting the UK’s No.1.

We know you train out of the world-renowned Double K gym under Kieran Keddle, what’s it like having him as a trainer? He has just been training TV star Idris Elba for a fight who will he be fighting?

To have Keddle there is amazing.  As a trainer he is incredible.  As a coach and a friend, he is very important to me and I highly respect him. He has great views and ideas on fights, just as I do. Which i think is why we work so well together. He is also a guy I look up to in many ways, especially because I’m around him so much (I work at Double K also).

It’s amazing he is working with Idris, but it has taken up a lot of his time. But it’s more than just me and Kieran at Double K so we make it work together. 

You come out and do fight camps here in Thailand. Which gym/gyms do you train at and why?

I came out for this fight because I had the opportunity to do so. (Thanks to motivational Mick) 

I came back to Singoatong as I used to live here a few years back, so was great to train with Num and Mad who are phenomenal trainers. Then I went to Bangkok and trained at the world famous Keawsamrit, where Kieran used to live! Which I feel is now also a home for me. Love it there.

Thai fight is being held at the Indiglo at the 02 Arena in London. Will this be the biggest show you have fought on?

No not the biggest for me. I think maybe the coverage it has, maybe. But I’ve fought on Lion Fight a couple of times in America and that was huge for me and the company as a whole is incredible.  

I also fought in china on WLF which had millions of views on TV. This is just another stepping stone for me work my way up on.

Thanks for doing this interview with us. Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Kieran Keddle. My dad. My family. Motivational Mick and my whole Team at Double K.

Although it’s me in the ring, it’s the team behind me that help me get there… 


We wish you all the best next weekend and the Fightlab team will be gunning for you.