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Fightlab's Tonkin Looking to Extend Winning Form at Max Muay Thai

Posted on December 14 2016

11165308_669775543168380_8016270320212289087_nIt seems like just the other day that we were telling you about Jayy Tonkin’s emphatic victory over Chao Banchamek right here in Thailand. And now we’re pleased to announce that the Fightlab fighter is scheduled to fight again at the end of this month at Max Muay Thai in Pattaya.

Competing in the first fight of the night, Jayy is going up against a local opponent named Crumcrim who fights out of the Muay Thai Mania (MTM) Academy in Bangkok.

Jayy’s fight will be live on Thai TV (Channel 8) this Sunday at 6:20pm and fans of his in Australia can (in theory) catch all the action via the following live stream:

11221649_676185205860747_7873566233218308553_nJust remember that with the time difference it’ll be around 9:20pm in Australia.

Fightlab caught up with Jayy earlier this evening and this is what he had to say about his upcoming fight: “I’m really keen to fight on yet another big show in Thailand and take out the top Thai fighters one at a time…”

He also mentioned that pretty much all of his focus right now was on cutting/making the 66kg weight limit.

We’re confident that Jayy can continue his winning form and emerge victorious on Sunday night.

To find out more about Jayy’s thoughts ahead of the fight, be sure to check out his official Facebook page.

And if you don’t get chance to watch it, we’ll be on-hand to update you with all the action following the fight.

Good luck Jayy! Show the world once again why we’ve dubbed you the next John Wayne Parr…

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