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Jayy Tonkin Shines at Buakaw Banchamek's Thailand Show

Posted on December 14 2016


Last Saturday, Fightlab's Jayy Tonkin went up against an opponent who was arguably the toughest he's fought so far in his fighting career. The event was made even more momentous by the fact that it was held in Thailand and featured a Muay Thai Boran exhibition of talent by none other than Buakaw Banchamek.

Jayy's opponent, Chao Banchamek, would soon discover why here at Fightlab we have dubbed our man the next John Wayne Parr.

Chao Banchamek trains and fights out of the world-famous Banchamek gym here in Thailand and so Jayy knew that his opponent was not only of good stock, but also had the backing of the White Lotus himself.

The first and second rounds saw Jayy's opponent very aggressive, but this allowed the Fightlab fighter to conserve energy and wait for the perfect opportunity to make his mark on the fight.

That moment would come in the third round when Jayy devastated his opponent with a big up elbow, which left a nasty cut and led to the doctor ultimately stopping the bout.

Jayy's fight was being held inside an improvised arena right in the centre of Surat Thani in southern Thailand in front of a huge crowd.

Our congratulations not only go to Jayy, but also the Kaewphitak Muay Thai gym in Phuket where he finished off his training camp for the fight and of course Jayy's family and friends.

After the fight, Jayy posted a shout out on his official Facebook fan page thanking everyone for their support: "Won my fight TKO round 3 with big up elbow that cut him pretty bad and doctor stopped the fight! Thanks to Kaewphitak Muay Thai for the training camp and sending 2 of their boys up to corner me who were awesome! And thanks to my sponsor Fightlab for supplying me all sorts of gear to help me prep for this fight! And last but not least cheers to my Dad for always being there and helping me realise my dream! Thanks for all the support guys!"

The only way for Jayy now is onward and upward and we're confident that he can continue to grow as a fighter and overcome every challenge he faces in the future. Nice work Jayy!