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Post-fight Recovery Tips from Fightlab

Posted on October 17 2014

Post-fight Recovery Tips from Fightlab - Fightlab

Post-fight Recovery Tips from Fightlab


Post-fight Recovery Tips from Fightlab: Yesterday, you were being punched, kicked, elbowed and generally manhandled by a guy who wanted to deal you real damage. But today is a new day and your post-fight recovery starts now. In fact, it probably should have started last night but that ultimately depends whether you won or lost – although both outcomes often lead to the consumption of alcohol.

So whether you find yourself celebrating a great victory or drowning your sorrows and licking your wounds, Fightlab’s post-fight recovery tips will see you right.

First off, never underestimate the effectiveness of ice. Apply it to your most bruised body parts and even consider taking an ice bath. Ice is great for reducing swelling and taking some of the sting out of your injuries.

Alongside your new ice regime you should be drinking a lot of water. You may be dehydrated from your recent fight and water helps reduce pain in your aching joints by keeping the cartilage hydrated and soft. If you fancy something a bit tastier then chocolate milk is a great source of glycogen and protein, both of which will aid your recovery.

Some fighters choose to take anti-inflammatory meds to further reduce any swelling that may have appeared. Just be sure to check the dosage instructions and don’t mix them with too much alcohol.

Getting plenty of rest will also allow your damaged muscles and injured body parts to heal much faster. A full week of a rest following a big fight is the minimum you should be looking to get.

But if you’re one of those people who hanker for the gym then do some light cardiovascular training. This will actually get your blood circulating, allowing your tissues to heal quicker. Having said all that, enjoying yourself is a crucial part of the overall recovery process too.

In the lead up to your fight you will have been training extremely hard and it’s now that all that training pays off. Therefore, you deserve to let your hair down, party and pig out on your favourite foods.