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Fight Tip: Ways to Cut Weight

Posted on October 14 2014

Fight Tip: Ways to Cut Weight

Rapidly cutting weight before a fight means that you can ultimately compete in a lower weight class. This allows you to potentially gain size and strength advantages over your opponent once you have returned to your fighting weight. However, drastically cutting your weight can have negative side effects and, therefore, it’s important that you do so as safely as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 tips to help you effectively cut weight before a fight without doing yourself any lasting damage.

1. Reduce your water consumption Significant weight can be lost by manipulating your water levels. By drinking large amounts of water at the start of the week and then reducing your consumption towards the end your body will go into ‘flushing mode’. This basically means that you’ll still be urinating regularly come the end of the week, even though you’re drinking far less; allowing you to experience rapid weight loss.

No Carbs

2. Watch your carb intake Carbohydrates mean that more water is absorbed by your body, so keeping your carb intake low is important. In fact, just one gram of carbohydrate pulls 2.7 grams of water into your body. A reduced carb intake will also allow your body to stay in ‘flush mode’ much easier.

3. No fruit, sugar or starches We’ve already said that your carb intake needs to be closely monitored but fruit, sugar and starches should be avoided altogether while you are cutting.

4. Opt for high protein and high fat meals You need to eat something during your weight cut right? Our advice is meals that are high in protein and high in fat; especially meat, eggs and vegetarian sources of protein.

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5. Train in a sweat suit You’ll still be training leading up to a fight but doing so in a high-quality sweat suit can make all the difference. It will ensure that you lose more water via sweat, even training at the same level.

6. Avoid salt Sodium likes to retain water, so the less salt you eat the more water you’ll lose. Also, your body will be able to stay in ‘flush mode’ more easily.

7. Try a natural diuretic A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine. However, you should only real use one when your fight is imminent and you want to shed a tiny last amount. Natural diuretics like dandelion root are advisable.

8. Saunas are your new best friend Hot environments promote sweat. However, you’ll sweat the most in a hot, humid place such as a sauna. They’re another great way to shed those last few pounds at the end of your weight cut.

9. Submerge yourself in a hot bath Like saunas, hot baths are great for shedding weight. Fill your tub right up with hot water and then fully submerge your entire body for 10 minutes at a time, leaving just your nose above water.

10. Empty your bowels It might sound obvious but the emptier your bowels are the less you’ll weigh. After all, your stomach and small intestine is extremely long and holds a fair bit of waste material. Take a gentle, all-natural laxative on the night before your fight to allow your bowels to be completely emptied the following morning. Sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest fight news,training tips and special offers by filling out the form below.