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BAMMA World Title Fight Brazier Vs Lahore

Posted on February 26 2018

BAMMA World Title Fight Brazier Vs Lahore

The impending battle between Lohore and Brazier.

MMA fans from all around the world will be treated to an epic battle on March 9th. The bout between Alex Lohore and Terry Brazier is scheduled for that date and this is one of the biggest events of the year – even in the history of the BAMMA promotion. But what makes this bout so special?

We’ll first begin with the technical aspects – Lohore is the world welterweight champion of BAMMA and his opponent, Brazier, is the RBX welterweight champion. This is a battle where two of the very best in the world will clash against each other in the ring.


But what makes this entire bout so special is the fact that Lohore and Brazier were very good friends back in the day. They even trained together. But somehow, they ended up becoming bitter rivals – and the heated atmosphere in the lead-up to this fight shows that the tensions are pretty high between them. The two of them like nothing less than to dominate the opponent and show that they are better – and this promises to give us a very exciting match to watch.

In a candid interview done on Phuket Island, Brazier shared some information on the original fall out between them. Everything changed once Lohore became champion and, according to Brazier, he isn’t humble enough.

As a fight fan, you will be able to watch these two legit welterweight champions duke it out. Alex “Da Kid” Lohore has amassed a record of 10 wins in his last 10 fights. And he fought some legit guys, such as Dan Edwards, Nathan Jones, and Colin Fletcher. He has a very exhilarating fighting style and he is very good in the standup aspect as well as on the ground. In fact, some of his recent wins were submissions.

Terry “The Dominator” Brazier won the RDX welterweight title by defeating Walter ‘The Sniper’ Gahadza with a bulldog choke at BAMMA 29. He is very hungry for success and he aims to unify the belt and to become the true welterweight world champion of BAMMA. He has a record of 8 wins and 1 loss in the BAMMA promotion. His style is pretty exciting and he has garnered a reputation as a finisher – he finished the first few fights of his career at BAMMA with TKOs and a submission. After this, he faced a few tougher opponents and he defeated them with decisions.

So, if you’re an MMA fan hailing from anywhere in the world – make sure that you tune in and watch the fight between Lohore and Brazier which will be aired live on ITV4  9th March 2018 or get down to the SSE Arena Wembley and give the Fightlab sponsored athlete some support. Given what we’ve been hearing in the buildup and the previous fight records of both fighters – we will undoubtedly see an epic battle between two friends that turned into bitter rivals. It will be a very tough fight and both fighters have a roughly equal chance to win as both of them have solid standup and ground games. Both fighters will have the chance to unify the welterweight title and this dramatically increases the stakes in the fight.

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