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Fightlab Interview - Full Metal Dojo CEO Jon Nut

Posted on May 31 2014

[caption id="attachment_7488" align="aligncenter" width="483"]phuket mma,mma asia Interview with full metal dojo[/caption]   1) Who is behind FMD and what’s their history involved in the fight scene. My brain is behind FMD, and it's history in the fight scene is grand like the Egyptians. By the way, you look amazing today. FMD, or FULL METAL DOJO as the cool kids say, was established not so long ago in an attempt to give more outlets to the fighters training in and around the Kingdom of Thailand. And I'll tell ya what. I'm excited. It's going to be fun. 2) What’s the edge FMD has on other organizations in Asia? What edge Don't we have buddy? We are called Full Metal Dojo. That alone is an edge that is sharper than a samurai sword. One of those ones in the Kill Bill movies maybe. Like cut your arm off sharp. Plus we are doing our show from an uncharted paradise Island known only as "The Pearl", and we think that's pretty cool. 3) Is FMD looking to compete with the big boys in Asia? One FC and so forth. Can you see these events getting televised in the future? I can see these events in the future being televised. We have a team in place that can surely get that done. I think we will be the first to really push MMA into the Thai mainstream, as we will be putting our video content, and be holding shows in the Thai language. We have an amazing team of Thai correspondents. As for competing with the big boys, I'll walk before I run. I don't see any reason to compete with anyone at the moment. I'm just focusing on our first few shows. Then later in life, I will try to take over the world and bring peace to it through the sport of MMA. Be excellent to each other. 4) We all know about your involvement with DARE, how are those guys taking to you branching of on your own? Well in all honesty, I don't know. I'm so busy at the moment, if I had kids I wouldn't remember their names let alone their birthdays. I'm so busy I can't wear a watch because there's not enough time. But I assume the DARE guys are doing just fine. They are in the business of growing the sport of MMA, and they know that competition is good for that growth. On a buddies note we are still cool as ice. Those guys are awesome and I love DARE. I'm sure that they are going to still have awesome events in the future and I'd still be down to announce for them or whatever. That's a cool answer right? I mean what do people want me to say…"The Level of Butt-Hurt has reached Volcanic!", and then yell in peoples faces like I'm DMX!! Oh it's a good time. Life! It's a real roller coaster. I love the ups and downs. The key is to plateau. 5) Where do you see FMD in two years from now? A lot of these MMA events appear and disappear pretty quickly. What will you do to cement and path the way for FMD? Would you like to see my business model and company structure as well? I'm joking. I'm not going to let you see those. Where do I see FMD in two years. On a sky's the limit note… Space? On a real note, I see us filling in a void missing in Asian MMA. There is room for the big guys on the large stage. There is room for ammy's trying to get a fight, but there is nothing in the middle for the guys that need to grow and gain experience. I hope FMD fills that void. Then, later, do shows in Vegas and start the global take over. Maybe talk to Jack Welch and try to buy the "E" form General Electric. Sell the "E" to Samsung in a huge MMA take over, guess what? Now they're called "Samesung". And everything works out the way it should. High 5! 6) How do you see the fitness/fight scene evolving here in Phuket, do you think it’s more desirable to train down here rather than Bangkok? Different strokes for different folks buddy. I think it is all up to the person and what they prefer. The gym and training should have some sort of selfishness to it. After all you're doing it for you. I loved training in Bangkok, but where do I not like to train. We do all need to know this though. There is no where on this planet like Phuket. This place is the New Sparta of the world. A mixing pot of warriors and gyms from all corners of the planet. Price per value, and quality of life, there is no where on the planet better than Phuket. I went to 31 different Muay Thai gyms in a morning last week. I would not be able to do that back in Boston Mass. Phuket is amazing and in terms of MMA is blowing up like a balloon with a grenade in it. It's awesome. 7) With this Military coup and all the media exposure it is getting worldwide, do you think holding an event now will be tainted? Tainted Love? No I don't think it will be tainted. To tell you the truth I don't really follow politics. I know some people that really like too, but it's not for me. I didn't do it the States, and I am not going to do it here. I like to promote smiles. Not frowns. And this event will be filled with laughter and good cheer. 8) Finally what inspired the name “ Full Metal Dojo” Awesomeness…Awesomeness is what inspired the name. Just say it. FULL METAL DOJO. Say it slowly and it just Feels right. But if you want to go a little deeper. It is just my name for the Octagon. When the UFC was having problems breaking into the mainstream one of the main reasons was people up on high, didn't like that the sport was being fought in a cage. Politicians and parents didn't like the whole cage fighting thing. The UFC had to change that and thus, the octagon. Well we've run into the same thing in Thailand, as well as many other Asian countries. They don't have a word in Thai for Octagon. We are just making it as simple and fun as possible. What's a Dojo? A place where martial arts are practiced. Well what surrounds our amazing dojo…Full Metal baby! Hence the Full Metal Dojo. Booyaa! You look amazing.