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Introducing the Next John Wayne Parr: Jayy Tonkin

Posted on February 16 2015

Jayy-portrait2"From the first time I saw Jayy fight I knew he had something special. Even just sitting and chatting to Jayy you just know that he is going to achieve his goals. I've seen/sponsored/met tonnes of fighters but not one has stuck out to me with so much potential - you know when you get that feeling? I truly believe he will be the next John Wayne Parr".

That's what Fightlab boss Owen Barrett had to say about our newest sponsored fighter, Jayy Tonkin.

Jayy is a super talented Muay Thai fighter and an individual that we have very high hopes for in the future.

But who better to tell you more about him than Jayy himself...

"My name's Jayy Tonkin, I’m 18-years-old and I grew up on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.  I’ve always been into sports and been very competitive from a young age.  I've played many sports from high-level football, tennis, surfing and rugby just to name a few.

I often used to get into fights at school until one day I thought I should at least learn something so I don’t get beat up.  I started off at an MMA gym. I got over the ground game pretty quick and turned my focus to their dutch Muay Thai class.  At the time my friends were training at an authentic Thai gym and invited me along. After my first session I was hooked and began to train every day.

After about 3 months of training I came to Thailand with my father for holiday and some training - we loved it!  Ended up going back 2 more times in the same year and I had my first fight in Thailand as well.  My dad made the decision that he wanted to move here and I joined him.  After 21 fights and multiple gyms here I am…

I am now based out of Bangsaphan Yai (southern Thailand) away from tourism and the distractions of places like Pattaya and Bangkok.  My father had built a small gym here for strictly fighters only it’s called Jing Joh gym which means Kangaroo gym.

I plan to be one of the best fighters in the world; I want to fight on the biggest promotions in the future such as K-1, Glory, etc.  I have already fought some of the best fighters in Thailand and some of the biggest shows in Thailand, including Thai Fight and Toyota marathon.  My style of fighting caters for all opponents; I’m aggressive and never back down, but can play a technical fight or go all out if I have to.

Now being sponsored by Fightlab they have already helped me so much and I hope that I can promote the brand all around the world as I continue my journey on taking on the best in the world and being the best in the world".

Be sure to check out Jayy's fighter page right here on the Fightlab website and follow our buzzing Facebook page for all the latest news about Jayy and all our other sponsored fighters.