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Ordering Custom Thai Boxing Shorts Has Never Been Easier

Posted on December 12 2014


Traditionally, getting your hands on a pair of custom Thai boxing shorts was a difficult and sometimes frustrating process. The only option that many people had was to try and obtain a pair of shorts direct from Bangkok.

This was not only time-consuming but if there happened to be a spelling mistake or size mix-up, you were right back to square one.

Today, however, it’s a very different story and with Fightlab’s three fantastic Phuket-based stores, obtaining a pair of Thai boxing shorts has never been easier.

Furthermore, the fact that we’ve got our own factory right opposite our Rawai store means that a new pair of professional Thai boxing or Muay Thai shorts are never far away. In fact, if you look across the road from our Rawai store day or night you will see our custom shorts manufacturing unit busily fulfilling customer orders.

Fightlab’s three stores are located in Rawai, Chalong and Patong and are perfectly situated for some of the most famous gyms/training camps in Thailand.

Our Chalong base is on the same street as Tiger Muay Thai/Dragon, the Phuket Top Team and Suwit Gym - one of the oldest gyms on the tropical island - and the Muay Thai stadium are just a stone’s throw away.

Our larger mainland store in Rawai is not far from Rawai Muay Thai, Sinbi Muay Thai, Phromthep and Lion Muay Thai gyms. This makes it the perfect location for anyone training at these world-class establishments to secure a new pair of professional shorts.

So why not stick your head into one of our three stores in-between training and sit down with one of our girls – all of who speak great English - to discuss your requirements. You can look through our catalogues or, if you’d prefer, you can draw up your own design and email it to us.

Another option, if you’re not fussed about super-customised shorts, is to pick a pair of Muay Thai shorts off the rail and simply have some custom text added. This can be done for as little as 200 Thai baht on top of the price of the shorts. We also have our own selection of Muay Thai shorts for 500-750 Thai baht, so you can get a custom set for as little as 700 Thai baht!

If you go all-out and get your own unique pair of shorts then they’re likely to set you back between 1000-1400 Thai baht for Muay Thai kickboxing shorts and 1200-1800 for Boxing or K1 trunks. In truth, you would pay that for a pair of named Muay Thai shorts from Twins/Top King or Fairtex, or any other top-rated brand for that matter, so you may as well get your creative juices flowing and create a pair that are special and personalised just for you.


Fightlab can also provide custom fighters robes/walk-out jackets and even corner man jackets. So if you’ve got a club why not order a whole set? We currently supply many clubs from all over the world with complete kits. These are ordinarily made up of two fighter’s robes, three corner man jackets and 50 Thai boxing shorts. We organise the delivery of your products direct to your door and can offer you wholesale prices.

For more info you can email us through the Fightlab website.

How long will my shorts take?

If you just want some text added then you’ll be able to pick your new shorts up the following day. For complete custom shorts it’s our aim to turn them around in three days. We also produce gear for Muay Thai brands in the UK, Australia and worldwide and can also handle bulk gym orders, which can take up to a week. It’s our plan to have six staff dedicated to walk-in shorts queries and the same for online orders.

How are they manufactured?

We make everything from scratch. Yes scratch! Many people think – incorrectly - that we just add the flames/logos and text to the shorts, but it all starts off from rolls of material. The benefit of this is that we can adjust the length and cut of your shorts. With Fightlab, you really are getting a pair of tailor made Thai boxing shorts.

What fabric is used?

Around 99% of the Muay Thai shorts that are made are done so from satin and this goes for the one we make as well. It’s high quality and very durable, making it the preferable material for your fight shorts. Training Thai kickboxing shorts, on the other hand, are usually made from parachute fabric, which is light, quick to wash and quick to dry, making them ready for an afternoon training session. We also have this available for customisation along with a standard range of Thai kick boxing

You’ve now hopefully got a much better idea of what goes into a pair of Fightlab Thai boxing/Muay Thai shorts, but if you’ve got any questions then feel free to contact us through our website, our buzzing social media channels or in any of our three physical stores.