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Fightlab has signed exclusive partnership with biggest MMA League!

Posted on April 01 2017

Fightlab has signed exclusive partnership with biggest MMA League! - Fightlab
Fightlab and the UFC are joining forces in a groundbreaking three-year partnership that will see the fastest rising fight gear provider become the exclusive outfitter and apparel provider for the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization.

The Fightlab UFC partnership will include exclusive limited edition gear developed in conjunction with UFC and its athletes.

“This will be the biggest partnership that our company has ever signed,” said Owen Barrett, Fightlab Chief Executive Officer, “so it is significant.”

The alliance between two global sports brands is similar to the exclusivity deals the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and other worldwide sports leagues and teams sign with well-established fitness companies.

UFC President Dana White, who has been contacting athletes directly to explain the new partnership, said the response has been positive.

“Pretty much everybody, the men and women that I’ve talked to, they’re pretty excited about it,” White said. “I really got no negative feedback whatsoever, from anybody.

Fightlab always encourages everyone to dream and work hard for it. Dreams come to reality, but for now this article is just a dream Fightlab can think of but surely will achieve in the future.
Happy April Fools day! :)
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