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Glory 18 upset shakes up middleweight rankings

Posted on November 11 2014















Fightlab-sponsored Glory World Series middleweight Wayne Barrett took to the ring on November 7 VS Jason Wilnis at Glory 18 in Oklahoma. Unfortunately for Barrett, his first outing wearing Fightlab gear would end in defeat, leaving his hopes of a title shot firmly on-hold for the time being.

The opening round was a closely fought contest with Wilnis landing several kicks and Barrett catching a few more. However, at the round’s close, Wilnis caught Barrett with a straight right which saw the Fightlab hero drop to the canvas and receive an eight count from referee Kevin Nix.

Midway through the second round, Wilnis again caught Barrett, this time with a couple of well-timed left hooks which sent him to the floor once more. Wilnis then looked to take advantage of the situation and swarm Barrett in an attempt to finish him but the Fightlab warrior held out.

The third and final round saw Wilnis adopt more of a pedestrian approach due to the fact he had two knockdowns in the bag. Full of heart as always, Barrett came out aggressively with some flying knees but it was too little too late and Wilnis emerged the winner by decision following the final bell.

Barrett’s shock loss has totally shaken up the middleweight division and put his title hopes on the back burner for the immediate future at least.

However, we’re confident that Barrett will use his recent defeat – only the second of his professional career - to dig deeper and make himself even better for his next fight. He will want to prove that he is totally deserving of his number two ranking and put himself in contention for a future title shot once more.

Whoever has the misfortune of facing Barrett next in the ring will be going up against a man who is squarely out to prove a point. Good luck to them!