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Johny Fightlab Back With a Brace in May

Posted on December 14 2016

10005924_822040844530741_1030727593617667150_o John Robinson - AKA Johny Fightlab - stands victorious following his fight against a 27-year-old opponent earlier this month.[/caption]

John Robinson - AKA Johny Fightlab - recently returned to Thailand after a stint in Australia and has already won two tough fights since he's been back (that's in just one month by the way).

His first fight saw him go up against the 27-year-old 'Star Boy' from Thailand at Bangla Stadium in Phuket. And, despite the age difference (John's just 15), Johny knocked him out with a devastating up elbow in the 2nd round.

John first caught his opponent with a couple of well-timed punches before delivering the finishing elbow in style.

And as if that victory wasn't enough already this month, John then defended his Patong Stadium belt against a tough fighter named Marktaek all the way from Burma. Apparently, John's opponent had been climbing coconut trees and killing tigers in the lead up to their fight.

Obviously, though, his tiger-based training wasn't enough to beat Johny, who won by TKO in the 3rd round with a beautifully executed knee to the body.

After the fight, Johny wrote on his Facebook fan page: "It was a tough fight. The other guy was a lot shorter, but he didn't give up. He just kept coming. I managed to win with only a few minor injuries."

Johny also told us that prior to the fight that he'd been doing a huge amount of training; lots of running and that he felt fitter and stronger than ever. His stellar victory is testimony to all his hard work.

Here's looking to Johny's next fight and another win for this immensely talented youngster.

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