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Johny Fightlab Shines on Lumpinee Debut

Posted on September 30 2014

Untitled-1.fw At just 14-years-old, Phuket-born John Robinson - AKA Johny Fightlab - has already experienced more fighting action than most guys do in a lifetime. But with 36 previous fights under his belt already, it was time for Johny to show what he can do here on the big stage in Thailand. Last Saturday, September 27 saw Johny fight at the world-famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok – a place that has hosted some of the best Thai fighters to grace our planet and a venue where dreams are made and broken. Despite the intimidating setting, Johny’s Lumpinee debut saw him pick up a hard-fought points victory in the 3rd fight of the night against ‘Denchai’. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though for Johny, however, as he had to lose one kilogram on the day of the fight to make weight. Before the weigh-in, Johny spent 30 minutes running around the legendary stadium. Then, just to be extra sure, he weighed-in naked! Even though it was a tough fight, Johny emerged victorious with just a small lump on his cheek and some bruised shins. Half-Thai half-Australian Johny spends six months of the year in Thailand and the other six in Australia. But regardless of where he is, Johny follows a strict training regimen and fights as frequently as he can. Here at Fightlab, we are dedicated to helping the next generation of Muay Thai fighters achieve their best and having a talented fighter like Johny training at the nearby Kaewphitak Muay Thai gym here in Rawai, Phuket is a real treat. Furthermore, we’re hoping that with his raw talent and our professional fight gear, Johny will keep getting better and better with each fight. Keep it up Johny! We’re already excited about your next fight…