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Fightlab Interview - Caley Reece

Posted on May 31 2014

  How old and what got you into Thai boxing? Have you train in any other martial arts? - I was 19 when I started training in Martial Arts. I was a little overweight and did it to lose weight, keep fit and fiind a new hobby. I did kickboxing and freestyle Karate for 6 years before I moved to Authentic Muay Thai at Riddlers Gym. Did you win your first fight? And what was it like stepping between the ropes for the first time? I lost my first two fights - one kickboxing one and one boxing one. My first fight I was matched against a girl that was 7 fights and had just fought for a state title. I dont really remember too much about the fight itself. But I did know that I enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. My boxing fight I was winning and gave the girl an 8 count but then shortly after the count, I dislocated my shoulder so lost the fight as I couldnt continue. I then waited a while and joined Riddlers Gym. What's your training regime like coming up for a fight and do you think you train harder now or earlier on in your career? I train super hard. Its in my mentality and I approach every aspect of my training properly. I train twice a day, do crossfit and strength work, recovery sessions, Muaythai every day besides Sunday and mental training also. I definitely have found that with maturity and age, I train not only harder, but smarter and with more focus. What/Who motivates you to fight? No one has really motivated me to fight. I just love to train and fight so that in itself is my motivator. I love a good challenge and have fought some amazing opponents around the world. Knowing that my opponents vary from Thai stylists, to western boxing styles, dutch styles etc is a great motivator because figuring out games plans is always fun and keeps me on my toes to have faith that I can execute it in the ring! You retired once and made a swift come back, do you plan in retiring anytime soon? At the moment, Im just taking things as they come. Ive had some amazing offers within Australia on great shows and also in America which I have to go back to to defend my title. There the World Games in Malaysia, I have Epic which is our show and I love fighting on. Im not making goals and plans as much as I used to but purely just taking it as it comes and enjoying the ride this time. How many different country's have you fought in and how did you feel about fighting in Vegas? Its  really hard for Australians to get International invites because of our geographical positioning so to be asked to fight in Vegas was amazing. Lion Fight Promotions treated us so well and were extremely professional in everything they did - from medicals, set up of the show right down to taking me to get my hair done on fight day. Ive fought in USA, Australia, China and Thailand but fought girls from all over the world Was there any friction between you guys or is it a touch gloves and may the the best chick win kinda fight? There was absolutely no friction whatsoever between Tiffany and I. There didnt need to be - this is Muaythai and the respect most fighters have for each other is generally pretty high. I have no ego, I just love to fight. She is the same. She seemed like a pretty cool girl and has a massive future ahead of her. How do you compare training and fighting in Thailand to at home? I love training at home because I can incorporate my sprint work and crossfit into my program which is when i feel my strongest and fittest. Training in Thailand is also really good because I get looked after every session with a great pad holder, have some great clinching partners and also dont have the worries of every day life to consider.  I just get up, train, eat, sleep and repeat. But in Thailand they stick to their way of training - 5 x 3 morning and night. It has worked for them for years and years but I really love mixing things up - it keeps me on my toes, it keeps the body guessing and with someone like me, I like the variety because I get bored of things easily. So they each have their benefits. What's your plans for the future (traveling/fights)? I am defending my WMC World Title in a month. I am then matched in QLD, Australia and then the option for IFMA World Games in Malaysia is there. June is our show again. Im thinking of a quick trip to Thailand around August and then I have been approached about the possibility of a return to the states at the end of the year. Anything else you would like to mention? I'd like to thank my sponsors PUNISH fight gear who have been with me from day dot. Cooee Crossfit who keep me in check with my strength and conditioning Jeska Design who do all of my print work and advert designing for my short