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Kev Ward - The Road to Glory

Posted on May 04 2018

Kev Ward - The Road to Glory - Fightlab

Fightlab's Sponsored Fighter Kevin Ward will feature in the GLORY prelims as the reserve fighter for the contender tournament. "Hopefully i will get future fights with the world's premier kickboxing league, GLORY because I 100% belong there"

Five Years since GLORY kickboxing debut in London it finally returns to Birmingham in the Genting Arena on June 2nd 2018. Fightlab’s sponsored fighter Kevin Ward will be making his come back after a year long break from competing. His last fight was against Jamie Bates on March 2017. Jamie went on to win the ‘Road To GLORY UK’ competition although Kevin described the fight as a "Clash of styles…a fight with no action”

Since then Kevin has had a streak of bad luck due to no fault of his own, with big fights like ISKA World title defence, WKO world title and a WFL fight, all being cancelled due to opponents pulling out or shows being cancelled.

Kevin has a record of 52 fights, 42 wins, 10 losses and 1 draw. Kevin truly has earned his titles as the WRSA Muay Thai World Champion, defeating Charlie Sikwa, 2x ISKA K1 champion, WKA Champion and Dual Fight Sport champion.

Ward was also crowned UK Fighter of the year in 2016, with 17 years of training and some big name opponents like Karim Ghajji, former Bellator KB champion, and Cyril Benzacquin, currently ranked number 5 in the world. "I thought i beat Cyril but the judges thought otherwise”

Kevin Ward

Without a doubt Kevin is well deserving of this opportunity to fight in GLORY and as a Fightlab sponsored fighter we asked him for this thoughts about the upcoming bout and this is what he had to say:

"To fight in GLORY means a lot to me, I’ve been working hard to get to the top of my game for many years now, I would like to test myself against the best fighters in the world and they all seem to be in GLORY kickboxing. In the past I have fought some big names that have fought in GLORY and lost by close decisions which includes Kari Ghajji former Bellator kB world champion, also Cyril Benzacquin the current world ranked number 5 I thought I beat Cyril judges thought otherwise. My next fight is in GLORY 54, I will be in the prelims. I’m the official reserve fight for the contender tournament. I would have liked to be on the main card but like always nothing comes easy for me, so I am planning on making a statement and dominating my fight to get a call back and hopefully get future fights in GLORY kickboxing as I 100% belong there. Like I stated earlier I have fought fighters that have fought in GLORY, I’ve won some and lost some. I belong in the elite leagues. I am the current ISKA and WKA World Champion, I need testing more ! I will not let this chance slip ! GLORY here I come"

Kevin has been staying fit and sparring regularly to keep the ring rust away and to be ready for any opportunities such as this to arrive. Fightlab have full confidence that Kevin will show his experience and dedication in this fight and earn his rightful place as an elite GLORY fighter.

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