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One fight for 2 Belts. Fightlab sponsored fighter Eddie Farrell will fight for the Triumphant World Title and the IKF World Title in the same fight. 

Posted on May 23 2018

One fight for 2 Belts. Fightlab sponsored fighter Eddie Farrell will fight for the Triumphant World Title and the IKF World Title in the same fight. 

Eddie Farrell’s highly anticipated Triumphant World Title fight, in which he will take on opponent Naruopol Fairtex, just got a whole lot more interesting. It was announced by Geoff Quares, President & CEO at Triumphant Combat Sports, that UFC fight Pass CEO has put on surprise IKF World Title alongside the Triumphant World title. This came as a welcome surprise to Eddie and his fans during the Triumphant 4 Pre-fight press conference, the Triumphant 4 title fight will be held on the 27th MAY 2018 in the Oakland Marriott City Centre, California. 

Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, Eddie has already racked up and impressive resume of championship titles:

Edide Farrell

  - WMC World Muay Thai Champion
  - Super-middle Weight Australian Muay Thai Champ
  - Signed 'WLC' Bareknuckle Fighter
  - State kickboxing Champ WAKO
  - Phuket Bangla Champ
  - South Island Thailand Champ



Based in Phuket and Fighting out of Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Fightlab is proud to sponsor Eddie Farrell and is looking forward to see him add 2 more tiles to his already impressive list of accolades.

Here is Eddie talking a little about his background and what lead him to become one of the top contenders in the world of Muay Thai:

“I am originally from the Gold Coast, Australia. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, making some bad decisions, getting into trouble with the Authorities on the regular, headed down a bad track, I had a reality check and was lucky enough and had the chance to leave and go up to North Australia with my now Wife - Brooke, we met great people on our travels, who had healthy influences, which led me back to the gym, training Muay Thai.”

Eddie and his wife, Brooke Farrell, left Australia 3 years ago to further his career as a professional Muay Thai fighter in Thailand. “Its defiantly not as glorious as it seems to be a full-time fighter in Thailand, as to what it may look like on social media. I wish there was time to sit on the beach drinking coconuts getting a tan.” says Eddie. 

Eddie has proven his metal by competing and winning in the brutal sport of bareknuckle Burmese Boxing known locally as Lethwei. This aggressive form of stand up fighting allows head-butts, which is banned in most combat sports, and the fighter only have of tape and gauze on their fists. These fights tend turn bloody very quickly and are not for the feint hearted.

Regarding his up and coming fight and future, Eddie has this to say; “Im looking to take home the Triumphant World title on the 27 May in California, then another bareknuckle fight with the WLC or One FC, then onto taking on the most respected Super middleweight in the World, Toby Smith.”

Eddie has just confirmed another fight in August,  fighting against Tum Mardsua at 75kgs in the main event for the WMC 1 World Title in Hong Kong and his wife Brooke will also also be fighting on the same card for the WMC title belt.

With all the belts racking up, Eddies future in the sport is looking bright. His work ethic and commitment are definitely paying off. Be sure to follow him on Social media. Fightlab is always looking to work and grow with the most talented athletes who and have the grit and determination to reach the top of martial arts. The Fightlab team is extremely excited for this up and coming bout that will see Eddie add two more titles to his already decorated name. Follow us on social media to get updates and news about our fighters and deals on new products. 


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