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Fightlab’s New Action Point Store Offers Much, Much More

Posted on October 07 2014

phuket fitness weight lossHaving exploded onto the fitness and fight scene back in 2010, the Fightlab brand has enjoyed much success over the past four years. It was, therefore, inevitable that an additional Fightlab store location would ultimately emerge in Phuket. Furthermore, to match Fightlab’s highly professional brand and reputation for quality, the new store would need to be situated somewhere equally as impressive. And, few places in Phuket scream quality like the Action Point boutique resort in Rawai. That’s why here at Fightlab we were very excited to be given the opportunity to open a new storefront at the prestigious Action Point centre. It also presented us with a great opportunity to diversify the products we offer, opening up our brand to a whole new customer base. After all, Phuket has firmly established itself as an island that is known for its fantastic fitness facilities and diverse range of activities for people who appreciate exhilarating experiences and enjoy leading healthy lifestyles. Fightlab want to be a part of the overall Phuket fitness appeal, which is why we will be looking to stock much more than just fight gear in our new Action Point store. Adapting to our growing market has become a necessity and we will be looking to offer cross-fitness equipment and weight training gear amongst other things. Of course, there is still the allure of Thai boxing in Phuket and Fightlab will continue to produce and sell our trademark gear: superior quality professional fight gear with cutting edge designs. So if you’re in Phuket and looking to do some Thai boxing, drop by any of our stores and we’ll be happy to give you the lowdown on the best muay thai gyms in the area. Likewise, if you just want to get your regular fitness fix then check out the superb facilities at Action Point and swing by our new store while you’re there. It really is win-win!