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Fightlab Sponsors Jayy Tonkin's Personal Jing Joh Gym

Posted on December 14 2016

We recently introduced you to Jayy Tonkin, the latest fighter to join the Fightlab ranks. If you've not yet heard about our partnership with Jayy then we suggest you check out the following two links before reading any further, so you're up-to-speed with the young fighter that we've dubbed the next John Wayne Parr:

Introducing the Next John Wayne Parr: Jayy Tonkin

The Official Jayy Tonkin Fightlab Fighter Page

Now that you're acquainted with Jayy and have read about his Jing Joh gym in Bangsaphan Yai, we're pleased to tell you that Fightlab proudly sponsors this unique private training facility.

Jayy Tonkin's Jing Joh Gym in Bangsaphan Yai Jayy Tonkin's Jing Joh Gym in Bangsaphan Yai[/caption]

As you can see, Jayy's gym is a great space for him to train and put all his Fightlab gear through its paces. And with a fighter who's as hard-working as Jayy, that gear gets a slot of stick!

Right now, Jayy is in Phuket finishing off his training camp for his next fight in Surat Thani (southern Thailand) - an event that will be shown live on Thai TV. It's a fight that all of us here at Fightlab have high hopes for Jayy in and represents another rung of the ladder in his flourishing fighting career.

For all Jayy's latest news, be sure to like his Facebook fan page and likewise the Fightlab Facebook page, which now includes an exclusive shop.