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Paul 'Semtex' Daley on his K-1 Victory & a Possible Bellator Title Shot

Posted on October 31 2014

Semtex Smiles

Following his recent K-1 debut victory, Fightlab caught up with Paul 'Semtex' Daley and asked him a few questions:

Hey Paul, let me start by congratulating you on a spectacular K-1 debut. Must feel great to get your K-1 career off to a winning start? Yeah was a tough fight, but I'm happy I won. In the run-up to the fight you must have had a game plan. Did everything play out the way you intended or were you somewhat taken aback by Ghaedibardeh’s highly-technical approach? We didn't expect him to be so good at using his range. I've fought big guys before, but his style in the first round was very effective. We found a solution though.

We saw how hard he threw those leg kicks and it jarred our bones just listening to them. Was there ever a point where you thought they might have you in trouble?

No. I was never in trouble. Just surprised a little bit. Despite the deluge of kicks and knees you took in the first round, it was definitely you who looked calmer sat in your corner at the end of the round. Was that a poker face or were you genuinely pretty relaxed at that point? I was very relaxed, I've got so much experience fighting. I'm super calm in fights. I was just in thinking of how I could come back and beat this guy up. And that you did! The remainder of the fight turned into a Semtex showcase. Were you totally happy with your second and third round performances? My fitness, grit and fighting ability allowed me to win the fight. It wasn't super technical but it worked. During your time in Thailand you stayed at our Fightlab Villas. Was everything to your liking? Was perfect for me - great location, comfortable and clean. That's great to hear! Let’s talk, if we can, a bit about your upbringing and what it was that made you get into MMA/fighting and when you first started out did you think that you would ultimately be successful or was it a one fight at a time mindset you adopted? I had a normal upbringing, bouncing between London and Nottingham until we decided to stay in Nottingham. I've always liked to fight and was always watching martial arts films and boxing as a kid. My mindset is that of a fighter - never quit. Getting to fight in the UFC was obviously one of your many career highlights – why did it end so abruptly? After all, we’ve all seen the video footage after yours and Josh Koschek’s fight – did he really hit a nerve with what he said to you after the fight? I was young, I wasn't thinking.....luckily for me, I made such an impact that my name is never forgotten. Do you regret parting ways with the UFC? What I mean is, if you could do things differently, would you or do you still stand by your actions that night? Everything happens for a reason. That's true. You’ve got a lot of experience across many different organisations. Do you have a preference for one in particular – K-1, MMA or Thai boxing? I love fighting for K-1 and my current MMA home BELLATOR and BAMMA. 11. Finally Paul, we’ve heard rumours about a potential Bellator title shot in the New Year. Can you tell us anymore? NO COMMENT, but fingers crossed something will come my way in 2015. ;-) Thanks for sparing us the time Paul. Good luck for 2015. We're hoping the Bellator rumours are true...