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The Rainy Season is upone us

Posted on May 26 2014

Well with the rainy season well and truly under way and all the hype about the military coup you guys must think heading over to Thailand is a big no no. Well you're wrong. Phuket is completely unaffected as is 99.9% of Thailand, Man the newspapers love hyping the shit out of things dont they? Well forget that, this time of year is mine and a lot of savvy travellers best time of year to train, you got deals galore on accommodation (hit us up at fightlab villas) nice quiet roads, peaceful beaches,beautiful weather, loads more one on one trainer time as the gyms are half as full, the list goes on. moral of this short story is..........get your ass over to Thailand and take advantage of it actually feeling like a tropical island and not a holiday resort in spain, the low season is the new high season! At the fightlab we are busy as ever. Due in this week are the fightlab Sak Yant gloves and shin guards, we will make a post as soon as they get delivered from the factory. The final touches of the ever so awesome fightlab chalong  shop front will be finished this week, pictures to follow shortly. For now check out the new fightlab sweat suits. These sweat suits are at a whole other level compared to any other leading brand. We guarantee they are the best on the market, how you ask?  quite simply they dont rip. We have invested in new material technology to bring you the most advanced sweat suit on the market. Along with the fact that they can not rip we have also  added a stretch panel under the arm and between the crotch allowing unrestricted movement enabling you  to do a full training session without taking your sweat suit off. These are available for pre order and will be available in store in 5 weeks.
mauy thai sweat suit
thai boxing sweat suit